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    Rebecca I.
    Elizabethtown, KY
     5 star rating 11/18/2016

    Mimi was very friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, and confident. I will absolutely go back to her.
    Tia D.
    Las Vegas, NV
    4 star rating 2/22/2016
    I found Salon Amarti, called the next day, and I found myself with an appointment the very next day. I appreciated that I could make it here after work, and they had plenty of availability.

    When I walked in, I found that I was the only one there. My stylist was Trepka. Even though I was early, she immediately sat me down and started. She asked what I was looking for. Here is where I am both the best customer ever and the worst: my motto is that hair will always grow back. The stylist does this for a living, and she should know what will be best for me. I told her that my only caveats were that my hair needed to still be able to be put into a ponytail, and I needed to be able to put little to no work into it every day. She took my instruction (or lack thereof) with grace. She asked me a few more questions and then was off to mix up highlight colors.

    Trepka was quite honestly the sweetest stylist I have ever had. Normally, I prefer not to engage with chatty stylists who are interested in gossip. Trepka and I talked a bit about her experiences between here and Bulgaria and about my own here. The conversations felt natural with her. It never felt uncomfortable when it was quiet either. She was also extremely efficient.

    On to the best part...when you sit down to have your hair washed, the chairs are massaging. Seriously, why don't more salons invest in this? It was magical. Trepka left me with a low maintenance cut and highlights that require no upkeep and will blend naturally as they fade out. She is awesome. I highly recommend her.
    Annie G.
    Washington, DC
    5 star rating 9/2/2016
    This review is exclusively for Lamiaa, my go-to stylist who left her previous post before I managed to write this review. So here it is.
    I've been going to Lamiaa for almost 3 years now and finally bit the bullet this summer and had my hair colored (ombre). I have dark, thick hair and was worried that an ombre wash might make me look trashy, but Lamiaa did a fantastic job. As with my first haircuts, she explained exactly what she was going to do, and unlike with haircuts, making a hair-dyeing operation look "natural" takes a lot of time! I really appreciated how methodically she executed the bleach brushing, and I admired her restraint as she teased and painted my hair. As a nice added touch, she even gave me some ombred wisps around the crown of my hair. I've received a gazillion complements from old friends and new acquaintances alike-- thanks so much, my friend!
    Sarah B.
    Washington, DC
    5 star rating 9/9/2016
    I have been looking for such a place for a long time. I have been to various luxurious salons but never got this result. Sammy is a hair doctor and not a hair stylist, it's his magic hands that create beautiful art. I have wanted to have purple hair for the longest, done a healthy way, I got the luck to meet Sammy and trust him with my hair, amazing, stunning, wonderful job, complete success. He made me more confident and my hair looks healthy and beautiful. Simply in love. Thank u for the great experience.
    Binny K.
    Alexandria, VA
    5 star rating 6/21/2016
    I got a haircut from Nasy and got 12 inches of hair cut off for a donation. I got a long/medium bob with high and lowlights. Nasy did an AMAZING job and I have been getting compliments nonstop since the cut! She is so detailed and thorough whether it's color or cut. Just a perfect haircut job!  Thank you Nasy!
    Jamie F.
    Alexandria, VA
    5 star rating 7/3/2016
    Wonderful service, beautiful salon, and incredibly accommodating staff! I can't wait to keep going back!
    Melissa D.
    A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
    Alexandria, VA
    5 star rating 6/1/2016
    So I was actually turned away for highlighting services from another salon in Old Town due to my dark hair.  On a passing whim, I stepped into Salon Amarti to inquire about highlights.  The owner, Sami, overheard my question to Nasy, one of the hair stylists.  He said of course my dark hair would take highlights and offered to prove it right then on the spot!  I said, "what the hell, let's do it!"  In 15 minutes flat, Sami had threaded my highlights using foil.  For the first time, the result was beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  I had caramel highlights woven into my dark hair with such a natural touch.  For those very dark-almost-black hair ladies out there, get your tush to this salon.  Nasy gave me long layers that complemented the highlights.  I left feeling like you should after a visit to the salon, like a million bucks.  My now favorite trustworthy salon...these folks know what they're doing with hair!
    Shalu K.
    Alexandria, VA
    4 star rating 2/25/2016
    Came here with a Groupon for a cut, style and deep conditioning. Everyone here was so nice and accommodating.  I originally had an appointment at 5:30 pm but decided that I wanted to go on my lunch break so I called them and they were more than happy to take me at 1 pm!  I got there at 12:30 and was immediately shampooed and they started the deep conditioning.  Then by 1 pm I was sitting in the chair ready to get my hair cut.  Sammy cut my hair and did a great job, I have long thick curly Indian hair and he took his time putting layers in it and then took the time to blow it straight. Great overall experience.
    Beth W.
    Ballston, Arlington, VA
    5 star rating 3/12/2016
    As a former hairdresser I am pretty picky about where I get my hair done. I 100% trust Sammy with my hair. He does a fantastic job on my highlights and cut. He does exactly what I ask for each and every time I come to the salon. I am a very satisfied customer :-) I love the specials the salon offers - such a reasonable price for such great work!!!
    Teresa D.
    Washington, DC
    4 star rating 6/18/2015
    I used to work right in Old Town so I have been coming to this place to get my hair cut and/or highlighted for years!  I have always thought they have been efficient, professional and very clean.  This past couple times I have seen Sammy who has trimmed and highlighted and has now low lighted my hair.  I think he does a great job.    He listens to what I want about not to cut to much or the color I am going for. I always walk out very pleased and receive nice compliments on my hair. I think they are moderately priced compared to some of the other expensive salons in the DMV.  I recommend this salon to anyone in the Alexandria area.